Batch Type Powder Coating Booths

Thermocoat offers a variety of powder coating booths in which there are many customizations available as per client requirements. There is a complete range of uniquely designed modular powder coating booths and systems for automatic as well as manual coating applications. Thermocoat offers a total solution for the coating industry to ensure product quality and production requirements.

In Batch type powder coating booth there are two options available as per client requirements which is manual and automatic spraying system.
Thermocoat has expertise in multi-cyclone recovery systems, these booths give maximum recovery of over-sprayed powder. In the cartridge type Booth, recovery can be almost 99% which is very efficient as compared to other techniques.

This system consists of fabricated enclosure/booth of MS or SS as per the requirement of the client and to recover overspread powder the powder recovery system is also provided to the booth which can be minocycline or multi-cyclone.


  • Batch-type powder coating booth with Multicyclone recovery system.
  • Bag filter & cartridge filter options are available.
  • Powder curing ovens with electrical, oil-fired & gas-fired heating options are available.
  • Conveyor track and trolley (manual) for material handling as an option.