I-Beam Overhead Conveyor

I-Beam Monorail Conveyor Systems combine the flexibility of design with heavy-duty capacity. I- beam Monorail is an ideal high-capacity solution for transporting and storing work-in-process. It is an open design conveyor where the chain rides on an I-Beam.

This type of overhead conveyor is used for applications requiring higher capacities. Both the size of the I-Beam as well as the chain can be designed to accommodate capacities

Benefits (in addition to benefits already provided in ‘Overhead Conveyor)

Heavy Duty Capacity: The trolleys and load bars are available to withstand a high capacity of 1-50 kg per feet to 200 – 300 kg per feet.

Durable and Long Service Life: The I Beam track is high-capacity and extremely durable. Trolleys are designed to run smoothly through frequent, heavy use.

Multi-Function Capabilities: This system provides the flexibility of use for different functions such as assembly, storage, finishing, painting, etc., thus reducing your cost.


  • Paint Lines
  • Assembly Lines
  • Live Storage of Products
  • Work in Progress
  • Warehouse


  • Food and Beverages
  • Automobile
  • Textile
  • Manufacturing
  • Electrical