Highest Quality Finish and Environmentally Safe

Spray Systems’ industrial water wash spray booth provides an extremely efficient means for removing paint particles from the exhausted air by using water as a filtration medium.

Water wash booths are utilized for high-volume paint usage. In addition, water wash booths handle a larger variety of paints as compared to dry filter booths, with a wider range of viscosities and drying speeds. Water wash spray booths are favored by all health, fire, and building codes.

The best advantage of WATER WASH SPRAY BOOTH is that lumps of waste paint are collected in the collection tank thereby helping the user to dispose of it easily.

Maintenance in this kind of Water Wash Spray Booth system booth is very low as compared to the Dry Back versions. With the help of an additional filtration system, we can increase efficiency to the maximum level as there is no need of cleaning the tank manually. Additional sludge system helps to clean the tank totally. The system automatically cleans water and refills it with fresh water.