THERMOCOAT offers a wide range of Spray Booths, Powder Coating Booths, Industrial Ovens and Heaters, and Total Surface Treatment Solutions.

We guaranteed a unique solution with our experience and dedication for every industrial challenge up to our customer specifications.

Our aim is to help our customers for better productivity, quality in less amount of time thus, we take 100% customer input for better performance and reduce hassles in the process.

Thermocoat retains a wide range of standard oven designs and practical engineering solutions of thermal processing units.

Responsible practices and sustainable development are the principles we base our actions on. Our first priority is to consistently implement environmental protection and work safety guidelines and continuously improve the safety of our worldwide production sites. We act responsibly with a view to society and the environment and put them on an equal footing with our financial targets.


Mr. Sandesh Balkrisha Khadye, Mechanical Engineer from finest institute VJTI and has bagged a total of nearly 20 years in the field of Precision Paint-Coating testing segment with large expertise in industrial oven technology curring ovens preheaters external internal fired ovens IR ovens and responsible to introduce new technology to the Indian market.

Mr. Sandesh B.Khadye has handled several projects and clients within and outside countries, major giants in the field like Godrej, Mahindra, L&T, Tata, etc also served in every possible sector where paint is worshiped.

He is the main pillar to THERMOCOAT his brainchild with a vision to expand and set a mark on the world. He has specialized skills in Tailor-make solutions for clients who seek professional support, help, and guidance for Paint-Coating testing and similar related queries and services.

With the goal for THERMOCOAT, Mr. Sandesh B.Khadye guides the team to achieve the goal set the vision and Thermocoat set targets of keeping customer-centric focus to serve at best.

The other showrunners Adv. Raj S. Kasare, BE Mechanical, LLB, MBA operation, and MBA marketing; along with Mr. Hrushikesh D. Sawant ME Mechanical, all of combined effort and passion.

They provide consultation, engineering solutions for paint-coating related queries, paint-booth systems, conveyors tailor-make solutions scientific approach with modern methodology.

With the combined experience and passion as a merge of scientific, technical experience of the overall of more than 30 years in the field of paint-coating, testing segment, equipment, precision demanding segment.

Their combined had a dream of growing in this very field with the vision of providing 100% quality with an error-free and reliable product and equipment as paintings, paint booths, ovens, thermal heaters, IR zones, curing oven, and scientific equipment solution in the field of fabrication, assembly, design at large.


THERMOCAOT strives to be best-in-class as a service provider of high-quality engineering products and services in India.

THERMOCOAT is committed to providing the highest quality products, competitively priced, with services beyond our customers’ expectations and always be abreast with developing technology by creating mutually rewarding relationships in a safe, inspiring and open environment.

THERMOCOAT conducts all its business activities in line with its core values. All our employees are committed to upholding these values as essential characteristics of good business and professional conduct.

We strive to build long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.

We always seek to add value and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Every project we undertake is completed by our team of highly skilled personnel with the best equipment and knowledge available.

Safety is our primary focus and we strive for zero percent injuries and no harm to our client’s facilities and personnel.

Always conduct business in a professional, honest manner, thereby winning the trust of our clients.

The demonstration of the above-mentioned values in adherence to the code of conduct.