Installation and Reinstallation

Turnkey Projects Industrial Installations

Our approach for turnkey projects is simply convenient. And our Industrial Installations service is offered across INDIA. Our industrial installation service has a solid structure, proven effective working methods, and the ability to offer your project a suitable solution to fit your timescale and budget.

It is difficult to cover widely all kinds of electromechanical installation for projects, but THERMOCOAT has been carrying them out for years. And during that time we have managed to gather a team of committed and skilled technicians and engineers, with proactive initiative and ingenious solutions.

We can offer technical advice and mechanical & electrical assessments to support industrial installations and machines, disassembly works, machinery transportation, refurbishment, and updating, assembly, and start-ups.

THERMOCOAT has the machinery, tools, and technical resources to carry out any industrial installation with certified technicians specialized in applicable technologies and projects, in order to obtain the best result for your installations or production lines playback.

We know how important it is for our customers to have prior information before proceeding with an industrial installation. And for this reason, we carry out an analysis of its technical condition. We also provide a list of possible modifications and improvements that are recommended in order to meet or even improve the production objectives.

We also set the personnel who carries out the work on this list and provide the technical resources, machines, and tools required to avoid possible unforeseen problems and additional costs as much as possible.