Paint Booth cum Oven

Thermocoat is a master in providing a wide range of products in Thermal as well as coating solutions.

Thermocoat design paint booth cum ovens as per customer requirement & as per part volume in Batch type design. In various applications products are not lightweight sometimes it weighs more than a ton in that situation we have to paint and cure it in the same place where the paint booth cum oven comes in the picture.

Paint booth cum oven is basically painted booth with baking /heating /drying oven in the same chamber/enclosure/room. It usually speeds up the painting & drying processes of large-sized equipment which is difficult to handle. Special paint booth accessories such as manual/gear trolley, lifts, or 3 axis platforms can be provided along with the paint booth with baking oven.

Heating Media: Electric Heater, Gas/Diesel fired.

Product Benefit: Paint booth cum oven option useful where the part in big size, heavy to move & production quantity is less. Painting with paint curing speeds up, which Is equally increases the production as well as reduces working hrs. Drying in a closed chamber improves the quality of the product & increases life. Also, product drying in the chamber gives a dust-free surface in the result.

Thermocoat supplied the paint both cum oven for different products with different heating media. Thermocoat manufactured & installed paint booth cum ovens for windmills, Defense, Reactors, trucks, injection molding machines & many large-sized objects which are difficult to handle/move.