Telescopic Belt Conveyor

This is an automatic loading & unloading equipment that can extend directly into containers/trucks/trailers/vehicles. It is widely used in logistics shipping and receiving distribution centers, ports, docks, stations, airports, and warehouses. Involving industries of the post, home appliances, food industry. It saves the time of walking back and forth to makes the loose loading work more efficient and less intensive. The conveyor is easy to set up and use, little training is required to operate it.

THERMOCOAT Telescopic Belt Conveyors are able to move an object the operator can lift: It offers brilliant lighting, intuitive operation, and a wide range of safety features, e.g. full under guarding and pop-out rollers. Service hatches facilitate easy maintenance.

Accelerate unloading /loading with Telescopic Belt Conveyors: Larger volumes of parcels are often handled in facilities designed for lower capacities — which gives rise to bottle-necks. Accelerate loading and unloading at the door by installing THERMOCOAT Telescopic Belt Conveyors.

Unmatched versatility; customized Telescopic Belt Conveyors are built to last. The structural warranty gives you peace of mind.

The unique multi-connector means that THERMOCOAT Telescopic Belt Conveyors can be altered and upgraded subsequently for installation. This future-proof feature means the conveyor continues to meet the needs of your business. You can improve flexibility by mounting Telescopic Belt Conveyors on rails to serve several doors, or improve handling by adding a platform, articulating belt conveyor, or even a heater to improve the work environment.


  • A multitude of additional Functions means all Telescopic Belt Conveyors can be custom-built to match your requirements.
  • Adjustable working height means Telescopic Belt Conveyors can be used to load or unload all vehicle sizes from trailers to small vans.
  • The impressive reach of Telescopic Belt Conveyors means that the loader/unloader can comfortably work throughout the length of the vehicle.